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Our methods of treatment

«NANO-DENT is the only clinic in Russia where most advanced bloodless and nontraumatic methods are applied for treatment of such serious diseases as periodontitis and its complications cysts and granulomas of teeth roots. Only we use in our practice the certified nanostructured hydroxyapatite gel (NHAG) which in its efficiency has no world analogues in treatment most complicated clinical cases. (Registration certificate “Granulated calcium hydroxyapathtite fillers for bone cavities “Medcam” complying with TU 9391-001-84884843-2008).


Authorial innovative methods of treatment, nanotechnologies and certified nanostructured medical materials make it possible to resist such a threatening disease as parodontosis which until very recently was considered incurable. We reinforce the weakened bone by injections of patients’ own blood plasma which prevent infection or allergic reactions in the course of treatment.


Nonalternative method of injection osteoplasty (bone grafting) developed by our specialists has no world analogues. We do not excise bone blocks from our patients! We do not practice bone adding! Nontraumatic and painless injection osteoplasty does not cause complications and makes it possible to deal successfully with adentia (missing teeth).


To solve this problem we use dental implants with shape memory effect which can be placed even into narrow and low jaw bones in contrast to BICON implants (USA) specially designed for complicated cases.


Using intraosseous and intragingival injections of blood autoplasma we successfully cure such widely spread disease as parodontitis even in most difficult cases.


The fracture of root is considered to be the absolute occasion for its extraction. In dental clinics it is a general practice to remove fractured and cracked roots with a part of parodontium which is the most important component of teeth ensuring their vital functions. No implant can replace natural parodontium! It often happens that dentists cruelly remove surrounding jaw bone together with a root, condemning patients to endless adding in order to enlarge bone tissues before dental implantation. It’s a general practice but not in our clinic! We learned to save and restore fractured roots with inter-root silver or titanium nickelide post-and-cores as well as to join root fragments using special nanotechnology developed in our clinic. These post-and-cores are fixed with our unique intermetallide nanocomposite which will never dissolve in oral cavity under exposure to water, saliva and mouth fluid. That is why we can restore and make dentures for roots traumatically fractured lengthwise and crosswise!


We also restore teeth by method of endodontic endosseous (intra-root) implantation when special implant is placed in the bone through the root which rehabilitates intraosteal and supragingival structure of the tooth.


In NANO-DENT we also actively use such highly professional method as coronuloradicotomy with subsequent prosthetics.


Applying methods developed in NANO-DENT we can save, reinforce and use as abutment for fixed dentures even bad, shaking and more than half destroyed roots. For this purpose we first restore a root and surrounding bone, then fit a silver or titanium nickelide post-and-core with special silver-based composite and attach a crown. As the composite integrates with the post-and-core material and does not dissolve in water, saliva and mouth fluid (in contrast to cements widely used in dental practice) discementation of the post-and-core within the root does not happen. Antibacterial characteristics of the composite prevent infection.


In our clinic you can see innovative approach to treatment practically in everything. We know that for patients a visit to a dentist involves certain stress. In “NANO-DENT” a patient sitting in the dentist chair can see films on the monitor above his head which can be projected by the binocular player even in 3D. Natural plants and flowers clear the air. Waiting time is smoothed over by all kinds of intellectual puzzles. There is also Wi-Fi for all comers.


Our highly skilled doctors effectively treat such widely spread dental ailment as caries in conditions most comfortable for patients.


In our activity we use materials and implants certified in USA and Europe and methods registered in Russia.


License for the application of new medical technology.


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