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pacient 7 1

Photo 1. On the right (on photo - on the left) a part of root 46 is missing.

pacient 7 2

Photo 2. The spot X-ray image of 46 shows narrowing of the upper root area caused by the longitudinal fracture of roots 46 on the vestibular side. Root 46 was treated with a post-and-core compensating its missing part.

pacient 7 3

Photo 3. A silver post-and-core is fixed with the intermetallide.

pacient 7 4

Photo 4. The view of the post-and-core from the fracture side.

The skeleton of the metal ceramic crown 46 was made and adjusted.

pacient 7 5

Photo 5. The skeleton rests upon ledges of the post-and-core. In that way the pressure of the crown on the injured roots 46 comes to nothing.

The metal ceramic crown was fixed with the intermetallide.


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