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Patient Mikhail Kozlov

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Patient Mikhail Kozlov (The name and photos are published by the patient’s consent)

In 2011 applied to NANO-DENT with subgingival destruction of root 12 and roots 24 (tooth 24 is upper two-rooted premolar which is also called bicuspid).

In our clinic the root 12 was restored with an inter-root post-and-core (Photo 1).

pacient 16 1

Photo 1. Silver inter-root post-and-core was fixed within root 12. On the right: destroyed roots 24.

Later metal and ceramic crown was attached on root 12 (Photo 2).

pacient 16 2

Photo 2. Metal ceramic crown on root 12.

Because of total destruction of the palatal root roots 24 were split, in other words the palatal root was extracted (removal of one of the roots of two- or three-rooted tooth is called hemisection). It is quite justified if to look at the picture of roots 24 (Photo 3).

pacient 16 3

Photo 3. Roots 24.

Later an inter-root silver post-and-core was placed within the buccal root 24 and fixed on intermetallide (Photo 4).

pacient 16 4

Photo 4. The post-and-core is fixed within the buccal root 24.

A metal ceramic denture was made and fixed supported by 24,25,26 (Photo 5).

pacient 16 5

Photo 5. Root 24 under metal ceramic crown shaped as a canine (23).

The patient tendered his thanks for the treatment.

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