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Patient Moiseyev I. F. aged 66

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Patient Moiseyev I.F. aged 66, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (the name and photos are published by the patient’s consent).

Applied to NANO-DENT in December, 2011. Before that the patient consulted in the Professorial clinic at Arbat street. There it was recommended to extract all the teeth in the upper jaw and to place dental implants. The patient being strongly against such a treatment applied to our clinic in the hope to retain his roots and teeth.

pacient 17 1

OPG 1. Patient M. The picture of developed destructive periodontitis of all upper teeth. Cysts and granulomas. Predominant light areas typical for developed parodontosis. Distinct large-looped structure of the bone tissue.

Examination revealed different degrees of shaking of upper teeth. Roots and tooth 11 in the right part of upper jaw and teeth in its left part are under the metal and ceramic denture. The structures are movable. Roots of all teeth in the upper jaw are partially exposed and surrounded by bone pockets. The picture typical for generalized parodontitis of medium degree of heaviness. After the metal ceramic denture was removed abatments demonstrated the third degree of mobility. Root 25 is fixed in soft tissues. Furcations in both parts of the upper jaw are exposed and 1-2 mm under gingival level.

OPG: The bone pattern is mainly large-looped and typical for developed parodontosis. Bone pockets of different width and depth around all roots. Foci of local osteoporosis above all roots typical for cysts and cystogranulomas.

Diagnosis: Parodontosis. Generalized parodontitis of the right and left parts of the upper jaw, chronic granulomatous periodontitis of teeth 16, 13, 12, 11, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26.

Treatment scheme: Making of a plastic cap, strengthening of the upper jaw bone by inter-bone autoplasma injections, elimination of cysts and granulomas, treatment of teeth in the upper jaw, restoration of roots with silver post-and-cores, fixation of a metal ceramic bridge.

Treatment: At first a plastic cap was made as a means for immobilization of movable teeth, social adaptation and assurance of chewing function.

The next step included cauterizing of cysts above roots with the subsequent injection of NHAG (nanostructured hydroxyapatite gel) enriched with nanosilver into cyst cavities through root canals. After appropriate treatment furcation areas (barred teeth) were filled with nanoamalgam. Preparation and making dental models for silver post-and-cores, fixation of post-and-cores with nanoamalgam (photos 1-8).

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By April, 2012 all roots in the upper jaw were strengthened and treated with silver post-and-cores.

pacient 17 9

OPG 2. Cysts and cystogranulomas were eliminated except for the cyst cavity above root 11 (right upper central incisor). The bone pattern changed acquiring fine-granular structure typical for healthy bone tissue. Dark zones widened. The bone density increased. The upper third of root 25 is surrounded by the bone.

In view of the cyst above 11 it was decided to continue the treatment of granulomatous periodontitis of 11. Into the bone cavity, previously treated and prepared by the injective aspiration method developed in our clinic, the NHAG composite with nanomicroparticles of nanostructured porous titanium nickelide (NSPTN) was applied through the periosteum above root 11. Measures taken for restoration of the bone tissue around root 25 turned out to be inadequate. Root 25 remained shaking. So it was decided to extract root 25. Directly after the extraction, in order to quickly compensate the bone defect, the NHAG composite with collagen was applied into the alveolus of root 25 as a structural ingredient for newly formed organotype. All abutments of the upper jaw were united by the metal ceramic denture.

pacient 17 10

Photo 9. Directly after the fixation of metal ceramic denture.

In September 2012 the treatment and the prothetics of the upper jaw roots were completed. The foci of local osteoporosis were eliminated. The patient was taken under dynamic supervision.

pacient 17 11

OPG 3. Moiseyev, aged 67. Dark zones widened. Density of the bone increased.

In March 2013, when the patient visited the clinic for examination, he did not make any complaints.

pacient 17 12

OPG 4. Moiseyev, aged 68. The control OPG demonstrates further enhancing of the bone strength.. The NHAG-NSPTN composite above root 11 integrated with the surrounding bone tissue.

pacient 17 13

 Metal ceramic denture in March, 2013.

pacient 17 14

The patient in dental chair, March 2013.

pacient 17 15

The patient expressed his thanks to Dr. Gizatullin R.M.

I, Moiseyev Igor Feodorovich, consider it my duty to thank the personnel of NANO-DENT and first of all its Head Physician Ramil Mikhailovich Gizatullin for the excellent treatment.

I have been attended in NANO-DENT since 2011. My first dentures (22 items, 4 bridges) were fixed in another clinic 15 years ago. After two upper bridges lost their immobility I applied to NANO-DENT. The prior visit to so called Professorial clinic at Arbat street was a real shock for me: because of parodontosis no other treatment except extraction of all my roots and placement of implants was not offered.

By a fluke I found NANO-DENT where I was promised to save and to strengthen my roots. The Head Physician of the clinic, Ramil Mikhailovich Gizatullin, who took my case, is a high-class professional, scientist and innovator in the medical field. His great experience, practical developments and methods patented in many countries, enabled him to realize the assigned task – all roots were saved so I could have fixed dentures again.

The treatment was carried on in friendly pleasing atmosphere with excellent modern gear and anesthetics and, above all, by the real Master.

Great thanks, henceforth I shall apply only to NANO-DENT.


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